A sliced loaf of no knead bread on a chopping board

(This post has been updated from the original Febuary 2014 version to provide a better experience for you) No knead bread is the easiest bread in the whole wide world to make. And with this recipe you don’t even have to weigh anything! You simply use a mug. I promise you, bread recipes don’t get […]

No knead mug bread sliced on a wooden chopping board

Looking for some simple store cupboard recipes you can make from staple ingredients? You’re in the right place! With everything from easy dinners to bread and sweet treats, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to create marvellously delicious food using only what you have at home.  If you’ve run out of […]

A lemon meringue pie slice on a black plate with a fork

This lemon meringue pie recipe is a showstopping dessert they’ll never forget! Just like my no bake lemon cheesecake recipe, it’s perfect for dinner parties and tastes so freakin’ GOOD! With the traditional shortcrust pastry case, lemon curd filling and meringue topping, this is a dessert recipe that is absolutely worth the extra effort! Lemon […]

Millionaire brownie bars in a stack

Millionaire brownie bars are absolutely 100% something that you need to experience in your life. With a rich fudgy brownie base, a sweet and silky caramel layer and a creamy milk chocolate topping, these millionaire brownies are a thing of sheer beauty. I mean, if you love millionaire shortbread, this one is a no brainer! […]

Loaded homemade nachos on a baking tray

These insanely delicious loaded homemade nachos are the perfect way to enjoy the big game, please party guests or add fun to a family meal! Teamed up with some fresh tomato salsa and easy guacamole – you are onto a guaranteed sell out hit my friend! And don’t worry, I’ve got all the ‘free from’ […]

Fresh tomato salsa in a white bowl with a spoon

Fresh, delicious and quick to prepare, this easy tomato salsa recipe is the perfect accompaniment for SO many things! (Particularly loaded homemade nachos!) It’s also very healthy and naturally gluten free/vegan, meaning no one needs to miss out as everyone can enjoy it. Using perfectly ripe tomatoes is absolutely key to making beautiful tomato salsa. […]

Quick and easy guacamole in a small bowl with a spoon on purple fabric

This CRAZY easy guacamole recipe is so quick to make you might not even get a chance to blink before it’s done! Creamy, delicious and full of healthy fats – this is the perfect addition to tacos, fajitas, loaded homemade nachos and anything else you can think of! Just like my homemade hummus, this quick […]

Mini No Bake Malteser Cheesecakes in glass bowls with a gold spoon

This marvellous Malteser cheesecake recipe is the only one you will ever need! Light, creamy and indulgent – this decadent no bake Malteser cheesecake serves 2 people, making it perfect for Valentines Day and romantic nights in. Just like my Maltesers microwave fudge, this decadent dessert is guaranteed to be a HUGE hit! If you […]

Homemade hummus in a bowl topped with chickpeas, olive oil, paprika and parsley

This amazing hummus recipe yields the most luscious, creamy and exquisite hummus EVER! An enticing addition to any party table, delicious healthy snack or tempting side dish, this crazy good hummus recipe goes the extra mile for both taste and texture. It would also pair perfectly with bacon halloumi bites! Ever made hummus and wondered […]

Minestrone Soup in a bowl with a spoon

If you’re looking for a quick and easy minestrone soup recipe that’s packed full of flavour and goodness, you’re in exactly the right place! From stove top to table in just 35 minutes – this minestrone soup is perfect as a midweek meal or healthy lunch. More of a set it and forget it kind […]

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