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Air Fryer Cake Recipes (UK)

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Want to make cake in your air fryer, but can only find recipes with US cups – not grams? You need this inspiring round up of UK Air Fryer Cake Recipes! From classic vanilla sponge cake to zingy lemon drizzle, these fabulous air fryer cake recipes all include UK measurements and temperatures, and are really easy to make! Keep scrolling to have your cake AND eat it… Plus bag yourself two awesome air fryer FREEBIES!

Icing sugar being dusted over an air fryer sponge cake

Easy UK air fryer cake recipes

There are millions of cake recipes out there on the internet. But a surprising lack of air fryer cake recipes with UK measurements and temperatures!

I find it SO frustrating when I search for a recipe, and finally find one that catches my eye – only to discover it’s in US cups.

When I type ‘air fryer cake recipes‘ into Google, it suggests adding ‘UK‘ after it. And this can only mean one thing… YOU’RE frustrated by it too!!

So I set out to make that right, with this super duper round up of gloriously British cakes… made in the air fryer! Including weights in grams and temperatures in celsius. No more spending AGES converting Cups to grams for YOU!

A plate of air fryer school cake squares with pink icing

Can you really bake in an air fryer?

Absolutely! Air fryers are essentially mini fan ovens. And you can bake a cake in a fan oven right? So it goes without saying, that you can bake a cake in an air fryer!

When most people think of air fryer recipes, they think of savoury snacks or meals. But actually, you can make a multitude of sweet treats in your air fryer, not just cake!

You can make air fryer cookies or even Creme Egg croissants! The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

3 plates of vanilla cake

Can you use a normal cake tin in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use a normal cake tin in an air fryer. The only catch is you probably need smaller ones that will fit. Air fryers are much smaller than ovens, so you’ll need to consider this when choosing yours. Make sure you measure your air fryer drawer(s) before you buy, so you’re not wasting any money.

I use these fabulous little 6″ cake tins (affiliate link) from Amazon. They fit perfectly in my Ninja air fryer dual drawers.

Slices of air fryer blueberry cake on white plates

Which air fryer should I use?

I’ve used a couple of air fryers personally. But my favourite, by FAR, is my Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone.

Yes, it’s a little on the expensive side of air fryers that are available here in the UK, but it really is great!! I use mine every single day!

From warming up my croissants for breakfast, to making air fryer cheese on toast for lunch and tasty evening meals, there are SO MANY brilliant air fryer recipes around. The experiments never stop in the Kitchen Mason household!

Icing being smoothed over a cake

Struggle with air fryer timings and temperatures?

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Air Fryer Cake Recipes (UK)

Do you get frustrated when you find an eye-catching air fryer cake recipe... only to discover it's in US cups instead of grams? This round up is for YOU!

I scoured the internet to find the best UK air fryer cake recipes, so you don't have to. From classic lemon drizzle to moist chocolate cake, you need look no further for your new favourite air fryer sponge cakes!

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