7 Hassle Free Meal Ideas for Busy People

You get home after a busy day and just don’t have it in you to prepare a good, satisfying meal – so you reach into the cupboards to grab those jars and convenience foods that really aren’t that good for you. Yep, we’re ALL guilty of that! What if I told you there were easy ways to eat better without doing that?

Slow cooker chicken curry in a bowl with rice

We all get to that place don’t we? Where we’re stuck in a food rut and just can’t climb out of it. We’re creatures of habit and, let’s be real – no one ever really likes change.

slow cooker bbq chicken in a bun with coleslaw

On the plus side – change can be amazing!! You just have to be open to it and realise that life has way more to offer than just jars and ready meals. These 7 hassle free meal ideas for busy people are exactly what they say on the tin. I guarantee they will pave the way for you to FLY out of that food rut you’re stuck in!

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vegetable pasta bake on a plate with a fork

What constitutes a ‘hassle free’ meal?

Let’s just make sure we’re all on the same page here shall we? I’m sure you’ll agree when I say it absolutely has to be all of these things:

  • Minimal hands on time
  • Minimal prep
  • As few pots to wash as possible
  • Quick or the oven/slow cooker does the hard work
  • No precooking
  • Easy to make


I mean, they’re all just a given right? Who has time for all the extra work/fuss after a long, hard day??

easy sausage casserole in a roasting dish topped with fresh basil leaves

Well if you agree with me, you’re definitely in the right place my lovely! The recipes I’ve selected for this collection are deliberately all of those things and more.

Easy One Pot Recipes | Easy Rice Recipes | Meatball & Rice Bake

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7 Hassle Free Meal Ideas for Busy People

Don't have the time or energy to go all out with meal times every single day? You need these 7 Hassle Free Meal Ideas for busy people! With minimal hands on time, they're the easy way to satisfying meal times without all the fuss.

CRAZY Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Curry Recipe

With NO precooking required, minimal pots, minimal prep and incredible results - this tasty slow cooker chicken recipe is one you need in your armoury!

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Easy One Dish Vegetable Pasta Bake

This super easy, no precook, healthy one pot pasta dish is the perfect dump and bake to get you going! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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How to Make the BEST Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

This CRAZY simple slow cooker BBQ chicken recipe is so utterly delicious - I guarantee you'll be making it all the time!

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How to Make an Easy Sausage Casserole in Just One Pan!

This super easy sausage casserole will become a firm household favourite I guarantee it! Easy to make, healthy, seriously delicious and all made in just one pot. Perfect! {naturally GF}

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One Pot Creamy Garlic Pasta

A decadent and delicious meal made in just one pan with no precooking required! Yep, the pasta is cooked right there in the sauce to save both time and pot washing. WIN!

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Easy One Pot Meatball & Rice Bake

Taking a mere 2 mins to prepare - the oven really does do all the hard work with this gorgeous one pot meatball & rice bake recipe! Guaranteed to satisfy and delight.

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Easy Slow Cooker Beef Massaman Curry Recipe

Packed full of flavour, melt in the mouth beef and hearty potatoes, this beef massaman curry is not only very easy to make but incredibly tasty too!

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Have you made any of these recipes?

I LOVE it when you share what you’ve made! You can get in touch by leaving a comment below, tagging me on social media or sending me an email. I don’t mind how, I just love hearing from you!

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easy sausage casserole in a roasting pan and chicken curry/rice in a black bowl with a spoon

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