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7 Fun Easter Treats To Make With Kids

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With my 7 Fun Things to Make This Easter, the kids won’t even have a chance to get bored, you’re guaranteed to impress your guests AND you get some seriously tasty treats out of it! Sweet deal right??

Creme Eggs on a full sheet of croissant dough

Ranging from a beginner skill level to the more advanced – there’s something for everyone in this fun and fabulous post. What are you waiting for?

White Chocolate Easter Bark broken up on a chopping board with little yellow chicks

Why make these Easter treats?

If you’d ever met me, you’d know that I’m very capable of justifying anything when it comes to making delicious things! I can totally help you out with some reasons you might need to make yummy Easter delights…

  • To entertain the kids over the holidays.
  • To impress your friends, family or guests.
  • To enjoy over the Easter weekend.
  • For a local bake sale.
  • You have leftover Easter treats that need using up.
  • You just need a sweet treat NOW.
  • You woke up this morning. 
  • Just because.

See! Easy. I told you I can justify anything haha! I’m pretty sure these reasons will help you decide to get straight into your kitchen and make CRAZY delicious Easter treats!

Creme Egg Brownies laid out on baking paper with a fork

I mean, really though – who doesn’t love a good Easter bake? This chocolatey season is almost better than Christmas! (Woah woah woah – I said almost.) You should absolutely make the most of all those wonderful, seasonal treats while they’re available though. Most of them will be gone by Easter Monday so don’t delay!

Easter wouldn’t be complete without a dessert topped with Mini Eggs, Creme Egg brownies or some sort of bark to use up all those chocolatey leftovers. You know I’m right! So go get in your kitchen and have some fun!

Easter Chocolate Cookie Pizza sliced up on pink fabric with little yellow chicks

Have you made any of these recipes?

Will these tasty Easter treats be making an appearance in your household? I’d love to know if it is! Send me your pics and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or email me at

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Creme Egg Brownies laid out on baking paper with a fork and Lemon Drizzle Easter Cake on a blue plate topped with mini eggs

7 Fun Easter Treats

Bored? Need to entertain the kids? NO PROBLEM!! With these 7 fun Easter treats, that will be a breeze! Plus - you're guaranteed to impress your guests and certain to be enjoying some seriously tasty homemade delights in no time...

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