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In a Hurry? 7 Quick Bakes for Last Minute Emergencies

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Your friends or family have just called to say they’re on their way but you have nothing in and really wanted to impress them with your baking skills. Don’t panic! These 7 quick bakes for last minute emergencies are here to help you out.

Emergency microwave chocolate cake on a stand

All made in less than 40 minutes, you might even have time to put your feet up and grab a cuppa before your guests arrive! Now that’s the kind of emergency baking we like to do.

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chocolate chip pecan cookies in a stack with curled red ribbon

Reasons you might need to bake something FAST!

Honestly? I can always find a way to justify baking, but sometimes, you really do just need something quick! There are many, many reasons why you might need sweet treats in a hurry. Let’s take a little look at some shall we?

  • Friends/family making a last minute visit.
  • You forgot the Birthday cake. DOH!
  • Going to a friend’s but forgot to get something to take with you.
  • You forgot about your work’s Bake Off.
  • You need an activity to keep the kids occupied pronto.
  • You’re awake and you just need something sweet!


maple pecan flapjacks drizzled with chocolate on a cooling rack

You know, whatever the reason or occasion – I’ve always got your back. Why should a last minute emergency be any exception? There are bakes (and no bakes) for literally every possible occasion. It shouldn’t matter if you’ve got a week or 30 minutes! Know that, with Kitchen Mason, there’s always a tasty treat just around the corner…

3 ice cream cones filled with cake, topped with icing and chocolate flakes. Cupcakes that look like ice creams.

What makes these recipes perfect for emergencies?

Why did I choose these particular recipes I hear you ask? Well, for all the right reasons obviously!

  • They’re all made in less than 40 minutes
  • The recipes are easy to follow with step by step pictures
  • There’s a recipe to suit all kinds of occasions
  • They’re all made using store cupboard ingredients


Strawberries and cream cake in a mug topped with icing and a strawberry


7 Quick Bakes for Last Minute Emergencies

These super speedy bakes are perfect for when you need sweet treats in a hurry! So go ahead and impress your friends and family with some epic emergency baking.

Have you made any of these recipes?

Will these lightning speed bakes be making an appearance in your household? I’d love to know if it is! Send me your pics and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or email me at

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Microwave chocolate cake on a stand and pecan cookies in a stack on a cooling rack

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.