Choc Chip Oreo Cheesecake Bars

Ok. This is the lightest, creamiest most incredible baked cheesecake recipe I have ever come across in my life! Turn them into bars and, I kid you not, you will be begging for seconds. With a crunchy Oreo base, the creamiest of creamy middles, topped off with chocolate chips, these Choc Chip Oreo Cheesecake Bars […]

The No Bake Recipe Collection

Everyone loves a no bake recipe. I know I do! It’s about all I have the time for now I have a toddler tearing about the place. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out. You’d be surprised what you can create without the use of an oven. In fact, some of these recipes can […]

Shepherd's Pie

Rich & tasty lamb topped with a creamy mash… Shepherd’s Pie is up there as one of the greatest comfort foods in British history! It might take a little while to make but, believe me, it’s totally worth it. In fact, it’s almost therapeutic! Here is what you will need to serve 4. (Recipe adapted […]

Custard & White Chocolate Cookies

I spied these Custard & White Chocolate Cookies and thought, it’s like someone sat down and said “What would be the perfect flavour cookie for Emma?” Whoever thought this flavour up, I love you from the bottom of my heart! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a soft spot for custard. While everyone […]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots

These have to be the greatest emergency dinner party desserts EVER! They literally take 10 minutes to make then just a few hours to set in the fridge. So you can get on with everything else and tick dessert off the list, without any need to worry. These Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots may be small […]

Full English Frittata

Jam packed with flavour, this super tasty Full English Frittata is a perfect go to Sunday breakfast! Actually, when I think about it, it makes a cracking meal at any time of day! With all those classic English breakfast flavours, it’s sure to leave you wanting more. In other news, the lovely folks over at Harbour […]

One Pot Hawaiian Pasta

Yeah, you know just looking at it it’s gonna be good. One Pot Hawaiian Pasta is quick & easy to make. It’s also incredibly delicious, which helps! Squished around those beautiful tubes of rigatoni are chunky pieces of ham, pancetta & pineapple. All swimming in a garlic tomato sauce with melted mozzarella. Phwoaaaar, yes please! Here […]

Mars Bar Slice

This gorgeous Mars Bar Slice recipe is SO easy to make! Beware though, they’re incredibly addictive. Your waistline will almost certainly suffer but I guarantee your taste buds will not! Filled with crunchy rice cereal and little pockets of caramel & nougat, then topped off with more chocolate… yeah I know. It’s good. It’s really good! […]

Chocolate Drizzled Shortbread

  This beautiful Shortbread is a baking classic and one of my all time favourite biscuits by a country mile! It’s buttery, crumbly and absolutely the perfect pairing with a good cup of tea. This recipe makes a decent quantity too so there’s plenty to go around! And with a little addition of chocolate? Well that makes […]


These delightfully simple Easy Lemon Bars are very easy to make and perfect for sharing! With a crunchy biscuit base & a sharp lemony topping, they’re sure to be a big hit with family and friends. I do love a good tray bake! (Recipe adapted from Rock Recipes.) Here is what you will need to […]

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