Creamy pesto chicken in a frying pan

(This post has been updated from the original June 2015 version to provide a better experience for you) This one pot creamy pesto chicken recipe is CRAZY quick, easy and delicious! You couldn’t possibly want any more from a meal right?! Perfect as a midweek meal or for dinner parties – this impressive dish boasts […]

Pesto Prosciutto Yorkshire Pud Bake

This bad boy recipe surprised the hell out of me. I’ve never thought to put anything other than gravy on a Yorkshire pudding  and I’m not one who can stomach the thought of it as a dessert either! When I came across this idea I got pretty excited. Yorkshire pudding (my favourite component of a […]

Easy Crostini

This insanely simple crostini recipe is totally delicious! Tomato, mozzarella & pesto is a classic & beautiful combination. You know it’s going to be incredible and it takes next to no time at all to prepare. Literally the perfect party food! Here is what you will need to make approx 16. 1 x 30cm Baguette (approx) Olive Oil, […]

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

My eating habits have definitely changed since becoming a Mum. Gone are the days of making elaborate & intricate dinners for me and the Mr! I’m now in desperate need of the quick ‘throw it together’ kind of meals. This gorgeous Cheesy Tomato Tart is exactly that. Yes, I cheated and bought the pastry. Sssshhh! […]

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