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Quick and Healthy Meals to Kick Start The Year

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Packed to the rafters with quick and healthy meals, this post will help you start the year as you mean to go on. None of those faffy, complicated recipes with 20 ingredients that you’ve never even heard of, oh no. Just simple, straightforward recipes that you can create in your very own kitchen! If this post is right up your street – you’ll absolutely love my 7 Hassle Free Meal Ideas collection too!

Slow cooker vegetable curry in a slow cooker in a bowl with rice, fresh coriander and fresh red chilli

It’s the usual story isn’t it? We all indulge a little too much over Christmas. All those delicious chocolates and treats we were bought by friends and family, all that booze we were gulping down, rich meals and decadent cheese boards… I could go on but you know the rest. It’s all too easy to pile on those pounds and forget about all the healthy food we should be eating… But hey, it was Christmas thought right?! Yep, I am JUST as guilty.

curried coconut lentil soup in a bowl with parsley and chilli flakes on top

Now that January has rolled around as quickly as Christmas came and went, we find it hard to get back into that daily routine. You’re busy and tired because of work, chores, the kids etc. Which makes it feel so difficult to make good, healthy meals throughout the week.

easy sausage casserole in a roasting dish topped with fresh basil leaves

The thing is – eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, really! This post is filled with delicious, good for you recipes that are actually easy to make. You know, the quick and healthy meals you want to eat but without all the faff and hard work. WIN!

sweet potato chickpea curry in a bowl with rice and spinach

Don’t believe me? Just keep reading! From slow cooker recipes with minimal hands on time to lightning speed chow meins and curries, I guarantee this quick and healthy meals collection is the only weapon you need to get yourself through January without a hitch.

vegetable pasta bake on a plate with a fork

Reasons you might need quick and healthy meals

  • You overindulged over the Christmas holidays.
  • You’d like to lose a little weight.
  • You want to eat better and healthier.
  • You’d like to put healthier meals on the table for your family.
  • You’re too busy with work and struggle to cook from scratch most nights.
  • You want to feel better in yourself.
  • You want to expand your healhy recipe repertoire.


Lentil dahl in a black bowl topped with coriander and red chilli


Like hassle free cooking?

You need the right equipment! Check out my favourite products for hassle free cooking.


A slow cooker jacket potato on a grey plate topped with vegan chilli and vegan creme fraiche


Quick and Healthy Meals to Kick Start The Year

Let food help you feel GREAT this year with these crazy easy, quick and healthy meals. Packed full of goodness, with no silly ingredients and tasting out of this world - this right here is your difinitive January meal plan!

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Vegetable curry in a bowl and roast sausage casserole in a roasting dishVegetable curry in a bowl and roast sausage casserole in a roasting dish

Have you made any of these recipes?

Will any of these quick and healthy meals be making their way into your home? I’d love to know if they are! Send me your pics and comments on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or email me at


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.