Toad in the hole in a roasting tray on a black and white tea towel

(This post has been updated from the original March 2013 version to provide a better experience for you) A classic English and Scottish dish, toad in the hole is a meal I remember well from my childhood. Beautifully cooked golden sausages in a fluffy bed of perfect Yorkshire pudding. I don’t actually know what more you […]

homemade doughnuts in a stack

(This post has been updated from the original July 2014 version to provide a better experience for you) When it comes to homemade doughnuts, this right here is that Daddy of all recipes. Light, moist and altogether more easy to make than you’d ever think – these doughnuts are pure perfection! Making dough may seem […]

Vegan pancakes in a stack topped with strawberries, drizzled with maple syrup

This awesome vegan pancake recipe makes, believe it or not, the best pancakes I’ve EVER made. I’m totally serious! Veganism aside, I would be more than happy to devour these on an everyday diet. Trust me when I say – this is a vegan pancake recipe to rival ALL pancake recipes. Free From or not! […]

Slice of cornflake tart on a black plate with a fork

Cornflake tart is a classic English dessert and one we all remember very fondly from school. Just like my butterscotch tart recipe, this gloriously nostalgic dessert transports you straight back to your school days! The very smell of it is enough to send you into a tailspin of childhood memories. So you’ll be pleased to […]

Slice of vegan gluten free raspberry brownie ice cream cake on a black plate drizzle with chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries

The perfect indulgent dessert – this glorious raspberry brownie ice cream cake recipe is both vegan and gluten free. Making it the best idea EVER for a free from Valentines Day dessert! Encompassing my ever popular fudgy vegan gluten free brownies recipe, this cool raspberry brownie dessert is a guaranteed hit just waiting to happen. […]

Slow cooker vegetable curry in a slow cooker in a bowl with rice, fresh coriander and fresh red chilli

Looking for a super easy slow cooker vegetable curry recipe? You’re in the right place! Just like my vegetable Thai red curry – this CRAZY delicious dish is not only seriously easy to make but it’s insanely healthy and cost effective too. If that’s not enough, it’s naturally vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and […]

vegetable thai red curry in a grey bowl with rice

This insanely tasty vegetable Thai red curry is packed with more flavour and goodness than you can shake a stick at! Just like my popular coconut chickpea curry, it’s suitable for vegans (great for Veganuary!), crazy healthy for you and made in just one pot. This vegan Thai red curry is also gluten free – […]

vegetable pasta bake on a plate with a fork

You absolutely need this vegetable pasta bake in your life right now! Not only is it crazy good for you – but it’s packed with veggies, requires NO precooking whatsoever and tastes absolutely flippin’ delicious!! Exactly like my slow cooker vegetable soup. It’s also both vegetarian and vegan, making it ideal if you’re taking part […]

Honey roast parsnips and carrots with rosemary in a bowl

Want to make insanely delicious honey roast parsnips and carrots without any of the fuss? I’ve totally got your back! With no pre-boiling and minimal prep, the oven literally does all the hard work for you here. Team these beauties up with my crazy crispy roast potatoes recipe too and you have got yourself the best […]

Easy gingerbread recipe: gingerbread men on a black plate

Everyone needs an easy gingerbread recipe in their life at this time of year right? I know I do! This wonderful treat will fill your home with warming Winter aromas that no seasonal air freshener could EVER compete with! Crispy to the bite and packed full of sensational spice, this easy gingerbread recipe is also […]

Slice of Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Cake on a black plate

Looking for an impressive and amazing ice cream cake recipe that’s insanely easy to make? You’re in the right place! This crazy luxurious salted caramel brownie ice cream cake is so simple to make and yields, honestly, one of the most incredible tasting desserts I’ve EVER had the pleasure of eating! If you’re after an […]

golden crispy roast potatoes in a dish scattered with parsley

Want to know how to make perfectly crispy roast potatoes? I’ve crammed this post full of tips, pictures, video and anything else I could think of to help you conquer the golden crispy roast potato! Whether it’s for your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner, these exquisite golden delights are sure to compliment anything you put […]

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