Slice of Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Cake on a black plate

Looking for an impressive and amazing ice cream cake recipe that’s insanely easy to make? You’re in the right place! This crazy luxurious salted caramel brownie ice cream cake is so simple to make and yields, honestly, one of the most incredible tasting desserts I’ve EVER had the pleasure of eating! If you’re after an […]

golden crispy roast potatoes in a dish scattered with parsley

Want to know how to make perfectly crispy roast potatoes? I’ve crammed this post full of tips, pictures, video and anything else I could think of to help you conquer the golden crispy roast potato! Whether it’s for your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner, these exquisite golden delights are sure to compliment anything you put […]

curried coconut lentil soup in a bowl with parsley and chilli flakes on top

This INCREDIBLY delicious curried coconut lentil soup is perfect for when you want a healthy, hearty lunch or dinner without skipping on flavour! Want to impress your dinner party guests? Crack this bad boy out as a starter and you’ll grab them hook line and sinker. Not only does it taste absolutely flippin’ amazing, it’s also […]

coconut chickpea curry in a bowl with parsley scattered on top

This easy and incredibly delicious coconut chickpea curry is healthy, made in one pot and very easy on the purse strings. If that’s not enough, it also happens to be naturally dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I happily mention that this beautiful chickpea curry also freezes very well which makes for […]

fudgy vegan gluten free brownies in a stack

Tested to perfection, these intensely rich and fudgy vegan gluten free brownies are guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings! With no weird ingredients, tons of actual melted chocolate and a texture to die for – this is your one stop shop for chocolate brownie heaven. In fact, they’re almost identical to my all time favourite […]

slice of dairy free / vegan lemon cake on a black plate with a fork

This beautiful dairy free / vegan lemon cake is light, moist and CRAZY delicious! Just like these vegan chocolate chip cookies, you’d never know it was free from anything. Teamed up with an incredible dairy free lemon curd, this vegan lemon cake will convince your friends and family that you’re a total pro when we […]

vegan chocolate chip cookies broken in half with melting chocolate chips in a stack

These vegan chocolate chip cookies will blow your mind with how close to the real thing they taste! I’m almost reluctant to even call them vegan chocolate chip cookies they’re that good. Whether you’re vegan, dairy free or just trying to make healthier choices, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to miss […]

a slice of pumpkin pie with a meringue swirl on top on a black plate with a fork and pumpkin seeds

This extremely easy to follow pumpkin pie recipe will become your new Autumn favourite! With a wonderfully flaky shortcrust pastry case and a warming spiced filling, this is a dessert you will be glad crossed over the pond. Just like my popular butterscotch tart recipe, it’s perfect for every type of gathering too! Continue reading […]

halloween cupcakes cut in half revealing a surprise blood filling with purple tuille in the background

This CRAZY delicious Halloween cupcakes recipe has a gory surprise twist – they’re filled with BLOOD!! Haha, not really, it just looks like blood. Which is kinda cool and delicious too! There’s tons of over complicated Halloween cupcake recipes out there but this one has a singular purpose – that they can be easily made […]

a bowl of slow cooker pumpkin soup with munchkin pumpkins in the background

When it comes to slow cooker pumpkin soup you need a recipe that’s easy, time efficient and above all – delicious. Well I’m pleased to tell you that you’re in the right place for all of those things! Just like my slow cooker vegetable soup recipe, this is a ‘dump and leave’ kind of deal. […]

slow cooker vegetable soup in a bowl sprinkled with parsley

If you’re on the lookout for an AMAZING slow cooker vegetable soup recipe, you’re definitely in the right place! Packed full of healthy, hearty goodness – this easy vegetable soup recipe is a perfect lazy meal, fabulous fridge clearer, freezer stocker and belly filler! Just like my honey carrot soup and easy minestrone recipes, this […]

beef massaman curry in a white bowl

Love beef massaman curry? Me too! Originating in Thailand, this incredible recipe is CRAZY delicious, with fall apart beef, packed full of flavour and is basically a dish that you absolutely need in your life! And guess what? I’ve made it super simple for you to recreate using just your slow cooker. You don’t even have to […]

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