Fridge Clearing Frittata | Egg | Omelette | Quick | Easy | Lunch

Fridge Clearing Frittata

Jan 19 2014
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So you’re in a rush, you have loads of leftover bits and bobs in the fridge to use but you want something that is healthy too… my Fridge Clearing Frittata recipe ticks all those boxes! It’s the perfect lunch, brunch, breakfast or snack and easily adaptable to suit any palette or fridge. Here is what […]

Creamy Linguine with Prosciutto | Pasta | Quick | Midweek

This Saturday, I needed something quick and easy to make but substantial enough to line the stomach before heading out for a night on the town. This Creamy Linguine with Prosciutto is made in just 15 minutes and tastes amazing! You need to give this one a try. Here is what you will need to […]

Mars Bar Cheesecake | No Bake | Candy Bar | Chocolate

No Bake Mars Bar Cheesecake

Sep 08 2013
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As you’ve probably gathered from previous posts, my brother Neil, absolutely loves Mars Bars! Luckily, it fell that we both had time off work at the same time so we decided to get together and bake another Mars Bar delicacy. This time, it was the Mars Bar Cheesecake. And (assumes the voice of Janice from […]

Chicken Katsu Curry | Copycat | Yo! Sushi | Japanese

This super awesome dish is one of mine & the Mr’s favourites! If you have never visited a Yo! Sushi restaurant then you are seriously missing out. It’s a modern Japanese diner where we happily discovered Chicken Katsu Curry. One very important thing to note is that Sushi does NOT mean Fish. It’s the most common […]

Annie’s Burger Shack Situated inside The Navigation Pub in Nottingham city centre is the American burger restaurant Annie’s Burger Shack. It’s conjured up quite a name for itself over the last couple of years. Boasting a menu with a massive 25+ burger choice, all hand made to order from locally sourced ingredients. All except the occasional […]

The Hand & Flowers | Restaurant Review | Marlow | Eating Out

  The Hand & Flowers Pub This weekend I had the pleasure of dining at the only pub to have ever been awarded 2 Michelin stars. The Hand & Flowers in Marlow. It was my first ever Michelin experience and one that I will never forget as long as I live! The trip was to celebrate […]

Toad in the Hole | Sausage | Yorkshire Pudding | British

Tasty Toad in the Hole

Mar 04 2013
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When I got my beloved Kenwood mixer for Christmas, there was an offer to get a free attachment with it. I asked for my first choice and low and behold, one month later my mincer/sausage making attachment arrived! I’ve been dying to give it a try for ages and this weekend I finally did it. […]

Easy Step by Step Stromboli | Pizza | Homemade | Mozzarella

Easy Step by Step Stromboli

Jan 27 2013
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Ladies and gentlemen… gather round for possibly the best ever spin on a much loved classic, pizza. Put your hands together for Stromboli! (Cheers, applause & general excitedness fills the room!) Credit goes to the Mr for disovering this beautiful delight. You know you want it for yourself too don’t you? Good! Here is what you will need […]

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies | Cookie | Best | Choc Chip

  I have been perfecting this recipe for a long time but I believe I’ve finally cracked it! May I present to you – the best EVER chocolate chip cookie recipe. Crunchy on the outside – chewy in the middle. Sheer chunky cookie perfection! If you need a dairy free version to impress your friends […]

Amazing Dr Pepper Cupcakes | Cake | Chocolate | Cherry

Amazing Dr Pepper Cupcakes

Nov 18 2012
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My other half stumbled across a recipe for Dr Pepper Cupcakes and dropped some MASSIVE hints for me to make them! This weekend, I finally decided to oblige and give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! They really do taste exactly like Dr Pepper! Here is what you will need to make […]

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