White Chocolate & Lemon Tart

I have always been a lover of white chocolate but, for some reason, I rarely get a chance to include it in my recipes. I thought it was about time I made it the star of the show with this really simple yet beautiful tart recipe! Here is what you will need to make one […]

Mexican Breakfast

This week I have been sent a new Scanpan lidded sauté pan to test out. Having loved their roasting pan so much, I was really quite excited to try it out! On another note, the Mr absolutely loves Mexican cuisine and he found a fantastic one pot recipe from Jamie Oliver. Guess what? You need a lidded sauté pan to make it, […]

Rosemary Quiche | Caramelised Onion | Pastry | Savoury | Party Food

Me and the Mr love a good quiche. It’s proper comfort food but not like the Winter kind… more a spring/summer kind. Nothing beats it when you’re out on a picnic or enjoying an evening meal in the garden. It’s perfect for lunch, dinner, packed lunches or even the dish you take to your friend’s Summer BBQ! […]

Microwave Choc Chip Cookie

Last Christmas I was bought possibly the greatest cook book in the history of the world. I won’t lie, it’s also likely the most dangerous cook book in the world for your waistline, but my oh my is it amazing! It’s this delightful Mug Cakes cook book. I have since tried quite a few recipes from […]

Rocky Road Fudge Recipes | Easy Fudge Recipes | Chocolate Fudge Recipes

Being a food blogger and a new Mum doesn’t exactly go hand in hand. There are literally not enough hours in the day to achieve everything I want to achieve. On the plus side, I’m discovering loads of great recipes that take next to no time to prepare but still taste great! Allowing me to enjoy being […]

Chocolate Oreo Tart

It’s Easter Sunday and I’ve got chocolate on the brain. Surprise surprise! In keeping with my recent ‘it has to be quick & easy’ theme, this glorious No Bake Chocolate Oreo Tart is top of my list! Made in just 10 minutes I guarantee you it’s the perfect make ahead dinner party dessert. Here is what […]

Lemon Drizzle Easter Cake | Mini Egg | Easy | Lemon Cake

I wanted to keep it nice and simple again with this weeks recipe. Truth be told, after having my baby girl I literally don’t have time for anything other than simple at the moment! So here’s what you need to make a gorgeous lemon drizzle cake with an easy Easter decoration. (Recipe adapted from BBC […]

Microwave Caramel Chocolate Brownie

The lovely people over at Judge have sent me some of their gorgeous double walled glasses to test out this week. There’s plenty of great features, but the best? They’re the perfect size for microwave mug cakes! Or in this case, a rich and gooey caramel choc chip brownie. I warn you though, approach this recipe […]

Victoria sandwich cake on a cake stand

(This post has been updated from the original March 2015 version to provide a better experience for you) Who doesn’t love a Victoria sandwich cake eh?! I know I certainly do. This may come as a surprise but I’d actually rather pick a slice of this over a great big slice of chocolate cake. Seriously! […]

Quick Onion Pasta

Being a new Mum I am in desperate need of quick, easy & filling meal ideas. As you can imagine, I have very little time on my hands anymore – juggling my new responsibilities as a parent! This gorgeous pasta dish only takes about 30 minutes to make & is incredibly tasty. Just what I’ve been […]

Microwave Caramels!

This recipe, as it did me, will surprise you. I genuinely had no idea you could make soft caramels like these at home! But get this, not only can you make them at home – they’re really easy, no bake & made in just 7 minutes in the microwave. I know right?! This is a […]

Honey Sriracha Chicken

One of the Mr’s favourite things is Sriracha sauce. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a hot sauce but with actual flavour. Not being a huge fan of hot sauces myself, it surprised me just how much flavour it really has! Thanks to my blogging, the Mr tends not to get a lot of choice […]

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