Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

I don’t know about you but I always like to make edible gifts for Christmas. I think they’re much more personal & really show that you care. The trouble is, I always seem to spend much longer in the kitchen than I anticipated and most recipes I’ve tried are faffy, fiddly and far too much effort. NOT what you need in the run up to Christmas! As if there’s not enough to do already right?

Very much like my hot chocolate sticks, these gorgeous Oreo Truffles are an absolute godsend! They really are CRAZY easy to make. Exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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Here is what you will need to make approx 20 – 30 truffles. (Dependent on how large you make them.)

  • 1 x 154g Pack of Oreos
  • 225g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 300g White Chocolate
  • Any decoration of your choice (I used sprinkles)


3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles Recipe

In a food processor, blitz the whole pack of Oreo biscuits (cream filling too) until you’re left with fine crumbs.

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

Then, preferably in an electric stand mixer, (but you can also just do it by hand in a large bowl) mix together the cream cheese & oreo biscuit crumbs until just combined.

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

Line a baking sheet with cling film or foil and set to one side.

Roll teaspoon sized chunks of the mixture into balls and place onto the prepared tray. Yes it’s messy but for 10 minutes of dirty hands – it’s totally worth it!

Place the tray into the freezer for 30 minutes for the truffles to harden. This will make it much easier to cover later.

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

When the truffles are chilled, break the white chocolate into a large bowl. Melt gently either in a microwave or set over a pan of barely simmering water.

Now you’re ready for the fun bit!

Get your decorations ready. I used some red and green sprinkles – you could use hundreds and thousands or whatever takes your fancy. Whatever you use, get it ready before you start coating the truffles with chocolate. Because they are so cold having come out the freezer – the chocolate will set pretty quickly so you need to decorate straight away.

Line a baking tray with non stick paper or a silicone baking mat.

Dump a truffle into the melted chocolate and, using a fork, cover in white chocolate before lifting (don’t stab it) & allowing any excess to drain away.

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

Place onto the baking tray, then straight away – sprinkle on your decoration. Repeat the process for each truffle until everything is used up.

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

Pop into the fridge to set for 20-30 minutes (it won’t take long) and that is it!

Place into cellophane bags tied with a pretty ribbon or into mini cupcake cases in a Christmas box and (reluctantly) give away to your loved ones.

Store in the fridge & eat within 5 days.

Easy 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles | White Chocolate | Christmas | Gift

You could really mix these up if you wanted to. Instead of white you could use milk chocolate or even use golden Oreos instead of original chocolate. You could even melt milk chocolate and decorate over the white chocolate with zig zags instead of using sprinkles. It’s really easy to personalise these beautiful Oreo Truffles to whoever you’re planning on giving them to.

They’re delightfully delicious, sensationally moreish, insanely easy to make and you’re totally gona’ make them right? Of course you are!!

Hope you enjoyed the post my lovelies.

Miss KitchenMason

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  1. Micky says:

    Lovely. Can you freeze them? If so how long would they take to defrost?

    1. Miss KitchenMason says:

      Hi Micky! I’m honestly not sure! I’ve never frozen them before so not sure for definite if it would work or not. I’m so sorry I can’t help :/ I’d love to know if you test it though! Emma x

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  3. These look fantastic! I can’t wait to try this is super easy recipe.

  4. they look absolutely fantastic! wish I could get my hands on them XD;)

  5. They look awesome!!! I’m thinking of making them for sure!!

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  7. Oh man, these look great – I am SO doing these!!

  8. glasspoolk says:

    Looks so so yummy. And easy too.

  9. shandryss says:

    These are looking delicious! great photo presentation also!

  10. Rachel says:

    Oreos are my weakness – I’ve gotta have these!

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