Easy Homemade Chocolates

Easy Homemade Chocolates

Ever think, I want to make someone something special but I don’t have the time, energy or patience to do it? This recipe is the answer to your prayers! With just 3 ingredients you can make these gorgeous homemade chocolates in next to no time at all, with minimal effort! It’s ok though, I won’t tell them if you won’t 🙂

Here is what you will need to make approx 30 chocolates.

  • 250g White Chocolate
  • 3 tbsp Hazelnuts, chopped
  • 3 tbsp Cranberries, chopped

Essential Equipment

  • Piping Bag
  • 2 x 15 hole Ice Cube Trays or Chocolate Moulds *

*You can use any shape you like. Silicone are easier than solid but not essential.

Firstly, chop the hazelnuts and the cranberries then mix them together.

Break the chocolate into a large bowl and melt in a microwave in 20 second intervals. Stir well between each time. Alternatively you can do it in a large bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water.

Easy Homemade Chocolates

Pour the melted chocolate into a piping bag and snip off the end. Half fill each hole with chocolate.

Easy Homemade Chocolates

Place a little of the topping into each hole and press it gently into the chocolate. This is so the topping stays put, if it isn’t pressed into the chocolate it would just fall off!

Easy Homemade Chocolates

Allow to set at room temperature for 1 – 2 hours. If you are short on time you can speed up the process and set in the fridge.

Store in an airtight container, these will keep for about 2 weeks.

Easy Homemade Chocolates

These would make a beautiful gift for any occasion. Place them in cellophane bags tied with a ribbon or in a nice gift box lined with tissue paper. If you/they don’t like the flavours you can easily switch out the cranberries and hazelnuts for whatever you like, the technique will be exactly the same! You could try pistachio, walnuts, pecans, raisins or fudge pieces. You could even make them look extra special and zigzag some milk or dark chocolate over each one. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoyed the post my lovelies, until next time.

Miss KitchenMason

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2 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Chocolates”

  1. Monica Joseph says:

    Thank you Emma… I was searching for this kind of recipe on YouTube nearly the whole day and here I get it from you… and I’m so happy…I want to gift these chocolates to my neighbours and also to some poor children of our society….. Secondly, I love all your recipes and try the ones which are easy to follow and also if the ingredients are available in India…Its very hard to find the proper ingredients in India and if they are available on Amazon India, its very expensive…. I have to go for substitutes…. that’s my dilemma in baking… Would really appreciate if you could send me recipes of easy homemade chocolates with different flavours and ingredients soon as Christmas is round the corner….
    Thank you so so much…. I follow your blog religiously…

    1. Miss KitchenMason says:

      Hi Monica. First of all, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m really glad you like my blog and recipes. Secondly, homemade chocolates can contain anything you like or have available. Simply melt whatever flavour chocolate you want and add whatever toppings/fillings you want. There are no restrictions at all. You could use milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate orange, dried fruit, nuts, toffee, fudge, caramel etc… The world is your oyster! Emma x

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