Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

My eating habits have definitely changed since becoming a Mum. Gone are the days of making elaborate & intricate dinners for me and the Mr! I’m now in desperate need of the quick ‘throw it together’ kind of meals. This gorgeous Cheesy Tomato Tart is exactly that. Yes, I cheated and bought the pastry. Sssshhh! But honestly, in the real world, who’s got the time to make puff pastry?? I certainly don’t!

Here is what you will need to serve 6 as a main with a side.

  • 1 x Pack of Ready Rolled Puff Pastry (approx 38 x 26cm)
  • 1 Egg + 1 tbsp Water
  • 90g Pesto (about 6 heaped tsp)
  • 3 Large Tomatoes, sliced
  • 125g Grated Mozzarella Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Handful of Chopped Fresh Parsley, optional

Preheat your oven to 190°C/Fan 180°C and line a large baking tray with either a silicone baking mat or baking paper.

Unwrap the pastry and place onto the prepared baking tray.

Beat together the egg & water, then brush the pastry all over with it. Score a 1.5cm border all the way around the edge and prick the entire middle with a fork.

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

Plop the pesto over the pastry and spread out with the back of a spoon. Yes ‘plop’, that’s a technical term. (Insert sarcasm here.)

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

This here part is up to you. Either you can scatter the mozzarella on first or lay the tomatoes on. I went with tomatoes first but the other way would probably look a bit prettier!

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

Sprinkle all over with salt & pepper and make sure the toppings haven’t gone over the 1.5cm edge border. Bake in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes.

Allow to cool for a few minutes before sliding onto a chopping board & dividing into 6. Serve alongside a colourful salad & devour!

Easy Cheesy Tomato Tart

I love this. Not only is it ridiculously simple to make, it’s kind of like a cheats pizza! To be fair, anything with melted cheese is going to be good but the pesto and tomatoes add a beaitiful flavour. It’s a surefire way to satisfy the whole family in no time at all!

I hope you enjoyed the post my lovelies, until next time.

Miss KitchenMason


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  1. Eunice Salmon says:

    Good recipe selection on this site

    1. Miss KitchenMason says:

      Aww thank you Eunice! So glad you like my site 🙂 Emma x

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