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How to Make No Bake Caramel Krispie Bars

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In this post you’ll learn how to make these epic no bake Caramel Krispie Bars! I used to love Rice Krispie Squares bars when I was younger, I ate them all the time. Then I got older and, somehow, totally forgot they existed! On my recent quest to find great, no bake recipes, I came up with this little gem. As well as being a fantastic, no bake recipe, they’re quick to make, easy to make and… well, just look at them. Obviously they’re delicious too! Love no bake treats as much as I do? You’ll love my salted caramel no bake cookies too!

Caramel Krispie Bars on a sheet of baking paper

No Bake Caramel Krispie Bars Recipe

Here is what you will need to make 16 Caramel Krispie Bars.

  • 45g Unsalted Butter
  • 260g Marshmallows
  • 130g Rice Krispies
  • 300g Dulce De Leche
  • 1 tbsp Milk
  • 60g Pecans, roughly chopped
  • 60g Milk or Dark Chocolate, for drizzling


Essential Equipment

  • 13 x 9″ (33 x 23cm) Rectangular Baking Tin


First up, lightly grease & line the base and two sides of your baking tin with baking paper. Make sure to leave an overhang so you can remove it from the tin easier.

In a very large microwavable bowl, melt the butter in the microwave in 20 second intervals. Stirring between each time.

Add the marshmallows into the bowl and stir to coat in the butter. Microwave for 40 seconds, remove, give it a stir & microwave for a further 20 seconds if needed. It should be completely melted.

Caramel Krispie Bars: marshmallows in a glass bowl

Caramel Krispie Bars: melted marshmallows in a glass bowl

Add the Rice Krispies to the bowl and mix until all the cereal is completely coated.

Caramel Krispie Bars: the krispies mixture in a glass bowl

Press the mixture into the prepared tin. I found it easiest to generously oil the back of a metal spoon and use that. Make sure you press quite firmly to make sure there aren’t any gaps in the tray. Place the tray into the fridge whilst we prepare the topping.

Caramel Krispie Bars: the krispies mixture pressed into a baking tray

In a small saucepan, gently melt together the dulce de leche & the milk. It should be smooth & runny enough to pour.

Caramel Krispie Bars mixture in a saucepan on the hob

To Finish

If you haven’t already, roughly chop the pecans.

Remove the tray from the fridge & pour over the caramel. Spread out evenly using the back of a spoon then scatter all over with the chopped pecans.

Caramel Krispie Bars in a tin before being sliced

Allow to chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours before attempting to cut. Bear in mind, the caramel will always be quite gooey.

Lift out of the tray & place onto a chopping board. Ok, you need a little patience for this bit but it’s worth it. Just accept that things are going to get a little messy!

Slice the bars into 16 rectangles. You will likely need to slide a knife or pallet knife underneath each time you cut to separate the bars from the baking paper, as they are very sticky! You may find it easier to oil your knife a little before cutting. Obviously take care you don’t cut yourself if you do.

As for storage, I found it best to cut squares of baking paper that were the same length as the bars, but wider than the base & both sides, and wrap them around each bar. That way, you can store them much easier & eat them without getting into too much of a mess. Keep in an airtight container (preferably metal as in plastic they will go soft quite quickly) and store in the fridge. These will last for about 3 – 4 days.

Caramel Krispie Bars on a sheet of baking paper

Oh come on, these Caramel Krispie Bars are pretty sexy aren’t they?! Yes they’re a bit messy but that’s all part of the fun! To be honest, even if you don’t fancy the caramel & nuts on top, you could easily top with melted chocolate instead. Then scatter over some Smarties, chopped up chocolate bar of your choosing or even rainbow sprinkles for a bit of colour. Whatever you choose to top them with, they would undoubtedly make a fantastic addition to a kids party table! Similarly, it’s a great recipe to get your kids involved in making too.

I hope you enjoyed the post my lovelies, until next time! Miss KitchenMason x

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Caramel Krispie Bars on a sheet of baking paperCaramel Krispie Bars on a sheet of baking paper

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Sunday 16th of August 2015

They looks awesome, tempting. YUM

Miss KitchenMason

Sunday 16th of August 2015

Aww thank you! :)

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