7 Ways to Use Up Leftover Easter Chocolate

Got too many Easter eggs? Cupboards full to the brim with Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs? You need these 7 EPIC ways to use up your leftover Easter chocolate! Well, waste not want not eh?

mint chocolate fudge in a stack with scattered chocolate chips around it

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Every year my house ends up with too many Easter eggs. Ok ok, you’re right – I guess you can’t ever really have enough Easter eggs haha! Sounds familiar though right?

malted milk munchies tiffin bars in a stack on a plate

The amount of eggs my daughter gets is just silly. She’s 4 – she’s never going to eat them all! Then it occurred to me – why not create a fun activity for us to do together AND turn all that ‘would be wasted’ chocolate into a wonderful treat that everyone can enjoy? Sounds good right?

white chocolate easter bark broken into pieces on a chopping board

I knew you’d be on board! I promise, you can’t really go wrong melting chocolate then throwing more chocolate and treats into it. It’s a winning idea I’m sure of it!

cookies and cream rocky road in a stack topped with broken oreos

What Easter treats can be turned into awesome homemade goodies?

Erm, well just about all of them I guess! To name just a few…

  • Mini Eggs
  • Creme Eggs
  • Marshmallows
  • Easter Eggs (dark, milk or white)
  • Milkybar Eggs
  • Easter Biscuits


Basically any chocolate can be melted down and used to make scrummylicious homemade delights. As for the little treats like marshmallows and Mini Eggs? Well they’re just perfect for things like rocky road and bark!

2 bars of mini egg rocky road on a white plate with mini eggs scattered around

Not ok with Easter being over?

Well it’s not over until everything is sold out! Check out my Things to Make Your Easter EPIC list over at the Kitchen Mason Amazon shop and get your last Easter fix…

7 Ways to Use Up Leftover Easter Chocolate

Cupboards crammed full of Mini Eggs? Got more Easter eggs than you can shake a stick at?? You need these 7 EPIC ways to use up leftover Easter chocolate!

How to Make No Bake Mini Egg Rocky Road

Leftover Easter treats to use up? Want a CRAZY delicious and easy treat to make? This Mini Egg Rocky Road is PERFECT!

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Quick & Easy Mint Chocolate Fudge

Another wonderful way to use up all those leftover Easter eggs. Encompassing dark, white and milk chocolate - this mint chocolate fudge is an absolute delight!

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Easy White Chocolate Easter Bark

Super simple to make, perfect for getting the kids involved and tastes absolutely AMAZING! Easter bark is the way forward...

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4 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Rocky Road

Who doesn't love cookies and cream?? Filled to the brim with chocolate, this is a fantastic way to use up all those leftover Easter eggs...

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Crazy Easy Mini Egg Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Big fan of fudge? With this quick and easy cheat recipe, you'll be munching on chocolatey delicious Mini Egg fudge in no time!

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No Bake Malted Milk Munchies Tiffin

Tiffin is such a classic! Simply switch out the fillings for the Easter treats you have in your cupboards and, voila! You are winning my friend.

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No Bake Creme Egg Rocky Road

Packed full of crunchy biscuit, fluffy marshmallows and Creme Eggs, this amazing rocky road is the perfect way to use up all your leftover Easter treats in one go!

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Have you made any of these recipes?

Will these chocolatey treats be making an appearance in your household? I’d love to know if it is! Send me your pics and comments on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or email me at misskitchenmason@gmail.com.

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Mint chocolate fudge in a stack and malted milk tiffin in a stack

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