Summer Fruit Crumble Recipe | Easy Crumble Recipe | Easy Fruit Recipes

It’s coming to the end of berry picking season now.  It’s such a ‘bring the family together’ thing to do, I absolutely love it! This year was very special as it brought 3 generations together and was the first time my 2yr old daughter has done it. Safe to say she loved it and actually […]

Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe | Easy Dessert Recipes | Easy Caramel Recipes

It just looks so sultry doesn’t it?! I don’t know what it is about salted caramel and chocolate but they work SO well together. Sweet and salty caramel topped with gorgeous, light as a feather chocolate mousse, finished off with a dollop of cream & grated chocolate. They scream impressive dinner party dessert! You know you […]

Easy Dessert Recipes | Strawberry Recipes | Easy Icebox Cake Recipes

Looks impressive doesn’t it? You wouldn’t believe how little effort actually goes into making it! From start to finish it will take you only 30 minutes to create this gorgeously delicious master piece. Beautifully light whipped cream layered with sweet, ripe strawberries, white chocolate chips & softened cookies. I literally can’t put into words how […]

White Chocolate Mousse | 2 Ingredient | Valentines Day | Easy

This incredibly delicious White Chocolate Mousse is SO quick and easy to make! It’s smooth, light, creamy and ridiculously moreish. Throw in some raspberries & home made white chocolate curls? You are doing Valentines Day right this year my friend! Did I mention there’s only 2 ingredients too? I know right?! It’s the dessert that just […]

Pretzel Dessert Nachos

Pretzel Dessert Nachos

Jul 06 2016
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This recipe for Pretzel Dessert Nachos isn’t really a recipe so to speak. It’s more like a brilliant gathering of amazing ingredients. I can’t really take any credit, the components speak for themselves. Salty, crunchy pretzels topped with marshmallow fluff, peanut butter & chocolate chips. I don’t know why I’ve not thought of this before! […]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots

May 15 2016
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These have to be the greatest emergency dinner party desserts EVER! They literally take 10 minutes to make then just a few hours to set in the fridge. So you can get on with everything else and tick dessert off the list, without any need to worry. These Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots may be small […]

Caramel Popcorn Pots

Caramel Popcorn Pots

Feb 07 2016
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Valentines Day is nearly upon us and you need a romantic dessert in your armory. Cue these rich & devilishly delicious Caramel Popcorn Pots! They may take a little time to make (mainly for infusing & setting) but the actual work involved is minimal & they’re very very simple. Go on, you know you want […]

S'mores Dip

S’mores Dip

Jul 19 2015
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Soooo, melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows & biscuit. You just know it’s gona be good right?! I’ll get straight to the point. You are gona make this. You know you are, don’t fight it. Let it embrace you like a silky, chocolatey, marshmallow hug. Then dunk your shortbread biscuits into it’s smooth, fluffy centre… ok I’m having a […]

Nutella Cake | 2 Ingredient | Flourless | Gluten Free | Chocolate

2 Ingredient Nutella Cake

Apr 06 2014
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Ok, I came across a recipe for 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake and thought… yeah, that’s not possible. Turns out, it’s totally possible! Not only do you need just two ingredients, it’s easy to make, delicious and gluten free! So what are you waiting for? Here is what you will need to make 8 servings. (Recipe adapted from […]

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