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Most french toast recipes seem to be sweet in one way or another. Not this bad boy. This heavenly Ham Egg & Cheese French Toast blows it’s sweet counterparts right out of the park! Beautiful thick french toast topped with fine cooked ham, nutty emmental cheese & a perfect fried egg. There’s nothing about that […]

Easy Breakfast Recipes | Egg In A Hole Recipe | Easy Bacon Recipes

Easy Egg In A Hole Bacon Sandwich

Jul 06 2017
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This beauty takes me straight back to my childhood. I remember this being made for me as a kid and I actually thought it was real magic! Of course now I know it’s not but Egg In A Hole is still pretty amazing. Throw in some bacon too and you’ve got yourself a whole sandwich […]

Easy Breakfast Recipes | Easy Lunch Recipes | Scrambled Egg Recipes

I’m always on the lookout for quick & easy recipes. This gorgeous Cheese & Chive Scrambled Egg Croissants recipe just so happens to be that and perfect for any time of day! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, a light tea… basically, whenever you fancy it. This one’s a delicious keeper, I promise. Here is what you will […]

Easy Frittata Recipes | Bacon Cheese Frittata Recipe | Bacon Recipes

Best Ever Bacon Cheese Frittata

Jun 15 2017
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Ever need a recipe that you can just throw together without big expense in both effort & funds? This incredibly delicious Bacon Cheese Frittata is exactly what you need! Packed with some serious flavour, this fantastic cheap eats dish fills a hole and then some. A perfect mid week meal or dinner party starter. Added […]

Easy Breakfast Recipes | Eggs In Clouds Recipe | Bacon Recipes

The Best Eggs In Clouds Recipe

May 21 2017
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This is seriously the only Eggs In Clouds recipe you will ever need. Packed full of tasty bacon bits, fresh chives & grated parmesan cheese, this beauty is a flavour party waiting to happen! It’s perfect for any time of the day too. Enjoy as a light breakfast or brunch, pair with some chunky toast […]

Spicy Baked Eggs | Shakshuka | Easy | Breakfast | One Pot | Tomato

Easy Spicy Baked Eggs (Shakshuka)

Mar 19 2017
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This gorgeous little number is a breakfast that will definitely warm your cockles! Spicy Baked Eggs (commonly known as Shakshuka) is a wonderfully cheap and simple dish to make without compromising at all on flavour or satisfaction. A spicy tomato & pepper base topped with a beautiful runny egg, this is a taste sensation waiting to […]

Easy Breakfast Recipes | Quesadilla Recipes | Breakfast Quesadilla

Quick & Easy Breakfast Quesadilla

Sep 14 2016
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Ok, so this is awesome. I mean really awesome! It’s quick, filling and oh my god delicious! A crunchy toasted flour tortilla filled with crumbled sausage, scrambled egg, melted cheese and spring onions. I really don’t need to embellish, the ingredients speak for themselves! Making a wonderful breakfast, brunch or lunch, whenever you decide to […]

Strawberry Nutella French Toast

Jul 10 2016
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So Strawberry Nutella French Toast looks amazing doesn’t it?! Let me tell you, it genuinely tastes as great as it looks. You NEED to try this one people! I know there are hundreds of topping combinations for french toast but this is hands down the best I have ever tried. I’m gonna leave it there […]

Full English Frittata

Jam packed with flavour, this super tasty Full English Frittata is a perfect go to Sunday breakfast! Actually, when I think about it, it makes a cracking meal at any time of day! With all those classic English breakfast flavours, it’s sure to leave you wanting more. In other news, the lovely folks over at Harbour […]

Tomato & Egg Cobs | Easy Breakfast Recipes | Easy Mothers Day Recipes

Tasty Tomato & Egg Cobs

Mar 02 2016
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Ok, we could sit here all day and argue about whether it’s a roll, a bap or a batch. But where I come from, it’s a cob! Dialect differences aside, it’s all going in the pie hole so does it really matter? These incredibly tasty Tomato & Egg Cobs are delightfully ‘poshed’ up and perfect for […]

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